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Alternatively you can contact us at
Virtual Enterprise Australia
PO BOX 226, Flinders Lane,
Melbourne, VIC 8009
Email: vea@virtualenterprise.com.au
Telephone: (613) 9429 7888

CONTACT for Simulated Business Services
Penny Hardy

TAFESA - Simulated Business Services
p 08 8821 0410
1a Doswell Terrace
m0407 323 801
AUSTRALIA      +61
f08 8821 0401

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- The network of Virtual Enterprises ceases activity for 2013 as at 29 November; there are no current plans to offer services for 2014.

- TAFESA will commence the Simulated Business Community in 2014 so if you wish to continue your Virtual Enterprise or commence a new one, please contact Penny Hardy: penny.hardy@tafesa.edu.au

- Further information can also be acquired by leaving messages on the usual VEA numbers: (03) 9429 7888 or vea@virtualenterprise.com.au
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Virtual Enterprise Australia Virtual Enterprise Australia  
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Please note VEA Office new address & phone/fax information:
PO BOX 226, Flinders Lane,
Melbourne, VIC 8009
PH: (613) 9429 7888
FAX: (613) 9429 7588


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